I'm Not Good at Not Eating - A Food Photo Editorial


Inspired by a hilarious phrase – “I’m not good at not eating” – from a fellow Lomographer, I thought I’d reminisce through some of my past photographs of one of life’s essential things: food!

Isn’t it funny that when the food arrives, so do the cameras? Maybe it’s an Asian thing (I’m Chinese myself!) to take photos of every single meal you have every day, but whatever the reason, the presentation of your favourite dish is just as important as the taste.

Taken with the LOMO LC-Wide

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, any mealtime is appropriate for a quick photo op. Personally, I’m a big fan of breakfasts – eggs, bacon, toast, homefries… I’m drooling already! I’ve also whipped out my cameras every once in awhile at the supermarket. Even though I can’t buy everything, at least I can take a quick photograph of it.

Food is a big part of everyone’s lives. For one thing, you need it to survive! It’s also a time for everyone to sit down together to enjoy some huge dinnertime family bonding or sharing some thoughts over a few drinks. With good food comes good company!

Taken with the LOMO LC-Wide

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