Izakaya Kenka


Man I dont even know where to start with this place. Well let’s start with $1.50 drafts of Kirni and Sapporo. Kenka is a Japanese Izakaya (kinda like a Japanese bar that serves good inexpensive food and drinks) located in New York’s East Village. I was first introduced to Kenka about 5 years go by fellow Lomographers visiting from Japan, and have been an avid visitor ever since.

Kenka opens everyday at 6:00 PM so if you don’t want to wait, I recommend getting there at 5:30PM. With $8 pitchers of beer and hundreds of choices of snacks, all under $10, this place fills up quick and it stays packed until the doors close at 2 AM, except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 4 AM.

If you go on a weekend be ready to wait at least an hour or more to be seated. At the end of every meal they give each and every person a small cup filled with your own sugar to make your own Cotton Candy, just don’t order the Bull Penis, unless your feeling adventurous.

So if your ever in NY and want to visit some place cool, check out Kenka, and if you want a Lomo buddy to share a drink or 7 with you just send me a message and well go together!

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  1. chuo104
    chuo104 ·

    FINALLY a place I've been to! ha! Ha!!

    A definite must visit for all beer guzzling - Japanese food luvin' - analogue film munchin' - hipshot shootin' - card carryin' lomographers.

  2. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    hahaha! awesome glad to see you visited this wonderful place!

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweet panoramics !

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