Multiple Exposures by Famous Photographers

2012-07-04 1

One of the Magazine’s requested posts for July is “Seeing Double” so we’re sharing these double/multiple exposure shots by master photographers for your inspiration. Check out the surrealistic photos by Man Ray, Lewis Carroll, and more, and show us your MX snaps for some Piggies!

Double exposure by Boris Mikhailov

Doubles and multiple exposures (MX) are just two of the many analogue experiments lomographers love to try out. After all, superimposing an image on top of another often yields unexpectedly amazing results!

MX by Man Ray, Claude Cahun, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Germaine Krull

There are a few cameras that have built-in MX switches, but it’s a technique that you can do manually on any film camera as well. If you haven’t tried it out yourself, these shots by pioneering photographers should give you ideas. Or read Secrets to a Great Multiple Exposure Revealed!

Multiple exposures by Gjon Mili, Edmund Kesting, Lewis Caroll, and Duane Michals

By the way, you get 10 Piggy Points by submitting and publishing an article featuring your own MX shots so go on and submit your “Seeing Double” stories!

Sourced from Flavorwire.

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    Double exposure by Boris Mikhailov is CHAMP, thanks for always writing informative & useful article ;D

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