Escaping the Bustling City with a Hiking Trip to Broga Hill


Just finished your exams? Want to flee from the busy city of KL? Want a quick escape into nature? What better way to do that than by going with your best pals and heading out on a hiking trip to Malaysia’s Broga Hill!

Climbing down Broga Hill as the sun rises.

Studying in a university in Kuala Lumpur means you always have to deal with exams, and exams means stress. What else can you do to chill after your exams in KL besides loiter around in shopping malls? Well, one way is to go on a trip to Broga Hill in Semenyih.

Broga Hill, also known as Lalang Hill, is a 40-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur. The hill is filled mostly of ‘Lalang’ grass. What is really appealing when climbing Broga Hill’s peak is the panoramic view of the landscape. It’s best not to walk on the grass, as this specie in particular will cast an itchy sensation on bare skin. The best part about Broga Hill is when it’s windy, and the tall grass will rustle like waves across the sea, providing a spectacle to behold and view you wouldn’t want to miss.

My pals and I were having a short break after our tough exams in university when we decided to have a trip to Broga Hill. I’ve personally never heard of this hill before cause I’m not a local in KL but was super excited to see what the hype was all about. What’s better than to go there with your best pals and with my lover, the La Sardina El Capitan. We went very early in the morning and waited for the sun to rise before we actually started taking pictures and climbed down the hill.

Credits: xephryrus

I was amazed and in awe of the beauty of this hill. The climb was short and it took us around 45 minutes to reach the peak. Not only was the climb fun but the view was incredible, and for such a low hill. My only regret was I should have brought an extra roll of film as I only have limited pictures of the trip.

After climbing down the hill, we went to the nearby Semenyih Village to checkout the newly-constructed Buddhist temple and was amazed again by the beauty, especially the statues in the temple.

Credits: xephryrus

I’d definitely go there a second time, and next time, I’ll definitely make sure to bring extra rolls of film and maybe shoot with a different camera, perhaps my LC-WIDE or my new LC-A+ Russia Day. Can’t wait!

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