A Reliable, Classy and Elegant Russian Camera!

2012-07-13 2

Are you looking for an old, vintage camera ? You can now purchase Zorki, Fed3, Kiev 4 and lomo 135BC , vintage russian camera via our online shop. Take a look at the cameras, and some of the pictures they produce after the jump.

So many Russian cameras, so little time. Interested in purchasing one? Take a look at the cameras below and head on over to our online shop for one of your own.

Zorki 1

The actual image of Zorki camera.

*Purchase Zorki 1 refurbished* I *Take a look at some pictures taken with Zorki*

Kiev 4

The actual image of Kiev 4 camera

*Purchase Kiev 4 refurbished* I *Take a look at pictures taken with Kiev 4*

Fancy the rarest, most sought-after Russian cameras? We have the former USSR to bring you the finest, handsomest artifacts of recent and old times’ past. Grab any of the cultish, deadstock precision-built cameras from the facilities of Mother Russia in our Shop!

written by lomography_korea on 2012-07-13 #news #russian-camera #vintage-camera
translated by alice_longstock


  1. ck_berlin
    ck_berlin ·

    Kiev cameras are manufactured in Ukraine and not Russia. This is a small difference. Or you say: from the former USSR.

  2. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    My dad still has an old Kiev (i'm not sure which one, but it's similar the one in the picture). I would like to start using it, but I need to get used to using rangefinders (I normally use a manual SLR or a point & shoot fixed focus). But surprisingly, despite being made in the mid 1960's it still works well.

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