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Hailing from Dorset in the UK, Mark Anderson is one of the world’s leading sand sculptors. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let him shoot with one of our La Sardina beach edition cameras. Head over the jump to check out his awesome sculptures and swim into the life of a sand artist!

Name: Mark Anderson
Country: UK
Occupation: Sand Sculptor
Website: and

How did you become a sand sculptor? What is it about the profession that most excites and interests you?

My Grandfather, Fred Darrington was a beach sand sculptor from the mid-1920s until a stroke retired him in the summer of 1995. He was a contented man. From leaving school aged 15, I had a few different types of job, mostly in catering, I was unfulfilled! 25 years ago, while I was staying at my Grandparents, each morning for two months I asked myself ‘what do I want to do for the rest of my life?’ One morning the answer came: “Be a sand sculptor!”… I don’t think it was Gramp from the next room?

Could you tell us a little about SandWorld, your sand sculpture park in the UK?

From being involved in various sand related events, exhibitions and competitions throughout the world, a good friend and sand sculptor ‘amongst other things’, David Hicks and myself created SandWorld, in Weymouth. The park is an all weather, amazing new visitor attraction featuring the works of some of the best sand sculptors in the world.

Any tips for people wanting to start making their own sand sculptures?

Tips for making a sand sculpture are: Mix sand with water. Compact. Continue adding until you have the size you want. Carve. Practice. More practice. Hopefully my work improves each year.

What is the sand sculpture that you’ve made which you are most proud of?

My favourite sculpture of my work was of Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’. Unfortunately, a water pipe burst underneath it one night and…..

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a 10 × 4m ‘Jason and the Argonauts’. A sculpture of Nick Dempsey, local windsurfing champion, getting ready to do some work for the Olympics at the Beach Volleyball venue in London, and then filling my new gallery space on the beach at Weymouth. Quite a busy period.

How was your experience shooting with the La Sardina Beach Edition? Have you shot with an analogue camera before?

I haven’t shot with an analogue for 20 years! When I was a kid I did a photography course, dark room etc, very cool stuff, if I hadn’t become a sculptor??

Your advice to Lomographers?

I would say to Lomographers, ‘Concentrate on now!’ & maybe “shoot first ask questions later”?

Thanks to Mark for being a LomoAmigo – Check out this video to sculptors at SandWorld in action!

Get ready for summer with the La Sardina Beach Editions! The La Sardina Capri takes you on a seaside analogue getaway with Fritz the Blitz attached whilst La Sardina St. Tropez is your perfect companion to summer adventures.

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