A Tiger For Hong Kong


If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, then you probably already know that “Hong Kong” means Fragrant Harbor. Join our HK team in their feline escapade around the city.

Our HK team is out to prove that there’s more to Hong Kong than its harbor. Just look at the colorful photos they shot with the Tiger!

Of course, the first round of film was used for team snapshots, so now’s your chance to get to know the team through these true analogue candids.

Hong Kong is well known for its great entertainment, food and impressive collection of sky scrapers. The place is practically covered with tall buildings! The team went crazy taking pictures of the cement monsters around them. Just look!

Tiger vs. Cement Monsters! Round One! Roar!

The Color Tiger 110 is Lomography’s first 110 color negative film. It is colorful, sharp and ready to capture everything that crosses its way on smooth 110 format.. It will make any 110 camera go wild with fresh new color! The Lomography Color Tiger 110's 200 ISO enables it to see its prey by day and with a little help from a flash, by night. Capture sharp, colorful pictures with this roaring legend.

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