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2012-08-01 5

Lomography.asia is Lomography Magazine’s new portal for English content for Asia! It’s same same in that it’s still about being international and expanding our understanding of world cultures, ideals and norms but you’ll quickly find more information, photographs, and contributors from Asia!

The domain is www.lomography.asia and the game is more unique content coming from the source – from within Asia and by the community living, working, dreaming here.

You can stop by this extension when researching what’s new in this geographic region, who’s who in the Arts scene in Eastern Asia, South East Asia, and Central Asia. From Jakarta to Beijing – here are some top photos by Lomographers in Asia:

Credits: sobetion, i_am_four-eyes, dakadev_pui, ohoska, bujidubabi, phiphu, bensozia, ericeast, wil6ka, diwen, porkchopsandy, hewzay, quaisoir, eva_eva, naqi, ripsta, hodachrome, pussylove, inine, takuji, mingkie, ccwu, joyceyjoyce, dabai, lawypop, stitch, spain_archive, b0rn2b1ush, icuresick, reiga, sondyy, isilyellowcopets, iambb_ & jolenechen

Circumnavigate this side of the globe and oversee life in the eyes of locals and expats in: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, The Philippines, India, Brunei, Vietnam, Macau and the list goes on!

We’re eager to hear what you think fair lomographers! And keep www.lomography.asia bookmarked to watch it blossom, like the flowery double-exposure above, before your very eyes!

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  1. dkersbergen
    dkersbergen ·

    Lomo is taking over the world :D

  2. shea_w
    shea_w ·

    Woohoo Asia! :D

  3. shea_w
    shea_w ·

    Woohoo Asia! :D

  4. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    Great Asia

  5. 54070
    54070 ·

    Yeah, Asia. And I have seen the "same same but different" T-shirt when I went to Cambodia and Thai haha

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