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Yesterday, we shared a few of Jeff Bridges’ behind-the-scenes panoramas from recent movies he’s filmed. Today, we present the full photo book from the set of Iron Man wherein the Oscar-winning actor played sci-fi antagonist Obadiah Stane. See candids of co-stars Rober Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and the rest of the superhero movie’s cast and crew here!

Photos by Jeff Bridges

If you still have a hangover from The Avengers (2012) like a true Marvel Comics geek, you’ll be glad to see these rare photos from the production of Iron Man (2008). Oscar winner *Jeff Bridges* captures his colleagues and sets in black and white film using his panoramic Widelux camera in between takes. After shooting wraps up, he puts them together in photo books and gifts it to them as a remembrance. What a cool analogue dude!

Now check out what went on in the making of Iron Man! First stop, visual effects supervisor Stan Winston’s studios for the epic costumes and set pieces.

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Next, an early production meeting with director Jon Favreau and some cast members.

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Then, filming begins with wardrobe tests. Playing the lead role of Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr., here with co-stars Terence Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Photos by Jeff Bridges

For his role as Obadiah Stane, Bridges grew a gray beard and shaved his head. Check out his internal struggle in the make-up trailer!

Photos by Jeff Bridges

He captures director Favreau in a diptych, a composition he usually does wherein he asks his subjects to show their tragic and comedic faces, made possible by his Widelux F8’s swing lens.

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Script meetings, actual takes, down time…

Photos by Jeff Bridges

Behold, the Iron Monger! (And Bridges’ long-time body double!)

Photos by Jeff Bridges

And then, the final battle scene.

Photo by Jeff Bridges

“In 1984, when I was doing Starman, Karen Allen saw some of my WideLux shots and suggested that we combine them with the unit photographer’s to make a book for the cast and crew. Karen’s brainstorm marked the beginning of a series of privately published albums. These were given, in appreciation, to the cast and crew of 16 of the films I’ve worked on since. Each album celebrates the work we did together. The book, ‘Pictures’, is a collection of some of my favorite shots from those smaller albums.”

Photo by Jeff Bridges

What do you think of Jeff Bridges’ panoramas? We think they’re a great insider look at an enormous Hollywood production that you wouldn’t normally have access to. We also love his little anecdotes about what went on as they were filming. It’s such an awesome angle as it’s told from the perspective of one of the movie’s stars. We wish more celebrities would take an interest in documenting their shooting experiences as Jeff Bridges has because it says so much about the actor and filmmaking industry!

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Stay tuned as we feature more of Jeff Bridges and his work in the Magazine this week! Visit Jeff Bridges’ official website for more info.

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