Vestre Kirkegård (West Cemetery)

Spring or fall this is a fantastic place full of colors… Its full of beautiful tree, flowers and statues. Is the biggest cemetery in Denmark and here you will find peace and quiet, to read a book or take some pictures

Vestre Kirkegård is the biggest cemetery in Denmark, and it was founded in 1870. The 54-hectare big cemetery is located in Copenhagen, South Harbor/Vesterbro area and several famous Danish writers; actors, painters, prime ministers and artists are buried here.

Along the east side of cemetery facing Sjælør Boulevard is an impressive avenue of Polar trees and inside there is beautiful avenues of elm trees. You will also find several ponds and dams, some of them with turtles and many big, mysterious religious statues. The cemetery is parted in 3 sections, a small catholic and a small Jewish section. The biggest part of the cemetery has a section with Muslim graves and a section with graves from Greenland and Fairy Islands. There is also a quite big area (see the picture with the white crosses) for fallen Germans who fell under a German attack April 9, 1940.

Besides being a cemetery, it also functions as a beautiful quiet park, and during spring and fall this is a fantastic place, full of colors from the many different trees, bushes and flowers. The easiest way to get there is from the Copenhagen Central Station by bus or train. Take bus 1a to Enghave station or train B,C or H to Enghave Station and the cemetery is located just on the other side of the street

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