FIsheye Baby 110: A Bundle of Joy from Lomography

2012-07-05 1

Way back in the late 1980s, I received a special gift from Colonel Sanders. It was a 110 film camera that came with my Kids Meal. Just about the size of a keychain, it rested snugly in the palm of my hands. I remember taking a few photos with the toy camera but didn’t get it developed somehow. Years passed and I still wonder what the outcome was if I had the rolls developed. When Lomography launched their latest product – the Fisheye Baby 110, I knew I had to try again for nostalgia’s sake.

An offspring of the best-selling Fisheye No.2, the Fisheye Baby is a present-day revival of the discontinued 110 format cameras with basically the same functions as its predecessor. There’s a notable difference though; it’s small on size and big on fun! Yes that’s right you can call it a mini analogue camera. Forget those pocket-sized digital cameras claiming to be “lomo”, this is the real deal.

As mentioned, the basic features of the Fisheye No. 2 are also available with the Fisheye Baby. There’s the full-circle viewfinder, a switch to change from normal to bulb mode and you can even do multiple exposures. This new bundle of joy from Lomography comes with two models; the basic Fisheye Baby 110 or the advanced metal version featuring a PC flash adaptor if you need extra light. Also, the Fisheye Baby goes hand in hand with Lomography’s very own Orca Black & White 110 film which produces extraordinarily low-fi photos. I recommend taking pictures in broad daylight to make the most out of these two product combinations.

In my opinion, the Fisheye Baby is a suitable choice for street photographers looking for subtlety or for the fashion-inclined as it doubles as a stylish accessory. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to carry around for quick snaps here and there. A perfect camera for people who go by the first Golden Rule: “Take your camera everywhere you go.”

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  1. johann_affendy
    johann_affendy ·

    correction: the Fisheye Baby goes hand in hand with Lomography’s very own Orca Black & White 110 film AND Lomography Color Tiger 110 ;)

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