LomoKino Project: Everything That Moves Is Moved By Others

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Newton’s laws of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is precisely the phenomenon that Spanish filmmakers Stefano Caprile and Alejandra Cano want to show in their LomoKino flick, but they need your help. Find out how you can make the movie move here!

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“Everything That Moves Is Moved By Others” is an upcoming independent short film about someone without identity that lives everyday in the same day. But, a whisper under a moving rock will make him realize that anyone can give motion to everything else. As the beloved moves the lover of love, or the earth revolves around the sun by gravity. And so on, until you reach the sphere of fixed stars, that should also be moved by something. Because everything that moves, is moved by others. But if for some reason, the moving cause stops, all the movement will cease. The short film has a surrealistic cinematic style, and is inspired by some premises of the New Age movement. The story picks up and plays with many philosophical ideas, such as those concerning reality, authenticity, determinism, free will and human potential."

And what better camera to use for that concept than our very own LomoKino? 30 rolls of film later, the first half is done! Now they need backers to be able to finish the rest of the movie which they are filming in the supernatural Death Valley of California.

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“Death Valley, CA, an exceptional place where you can find moving rocks in the middle of the desert. What? Did you say moving rocks? Yes, it is a geological phenomenon where rocks move in long tracks along the valley without human or animal intervention. Finding this place in our location research was amazing; it is the perfect setting for the concept of our film. Everything that moves, is moved by others.”

This project will only be completed if at least $16,000 is pledged by Thursday, July 26. We’ve only got 23 days to go so if you want to keep the film rolling and find out how it ends, kickstart the project now! For every amount pledged, a corresponding package will be yours, courtesy of San Francisco-based filmmakers Stefano Caprile and Alejandra Cano. We’re curious to see how the movie ends so let’s help spread the word and make this movie!

Photos via kickstarter

Visit “Everything That Moves Is Moved By Others” on Kickstarter and Facebook.

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    There are two kinds of dreams, the ones that you film with Lomokino and the ones that you fund in Kickstarter. Help us make them real, we only have 23 days!!! kck.st/MOjEqv

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