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A little bit more about masha_njam from St. Petersburg

Present you (your name, where you from, age, what do you do for make money, etc…)

Just to start from something.
My name is Maria. I am living in a perfect and very beautiful city Saint Petersburg in Russia. It is really very nice place with canals and rivers and I advice you to visit us (but only during spring and summer – at other time everybody are very depressive). I am 26 (but in my mind still 18) years old and now I am working as a mobile network engineer in large and international telecommunication company Nokia Siemens networks. As I always say – I help other people to communicate. I am doing second diploma in Public Relations so I hope soon I can change my technical field of occupation to more interesting :)

How did you know lomography? (Tell us your first experience with Lomo)

It was very simple – I fell in love with lomographer. He was lomo addict, I was in love. So when everything ended with him I remained to be in love only with lomography.
It was app. 5 years ago.

Which was your first camera and how did you get it?

LCA. It was my friends’ camera, we studied at the university and used it together like normal soviet soap film camera, making pictures with us and friends, nothing interesting except vignetting.
Then my boyfriend presented me fisheye camera before my trip to Amsterdam – so I think my first lomo camera was fisheye camera in crazy Amsterdam 

Favorite camera from your collection?? Why??

Of cause lomo compact! It’s perfect camera for everything. For making good, bad, crazy, normal, bright, contrast, awful, beautiful pictures everywhere. And it suites perfect for my small bag. It is a camera with it’s own character – you don’t know what will be after exposing – it could be something perfect or nothing. So when I take pictures I feel myself not like a photographer but like a partner to my camera.

Any strange history about you and the photography??

Hmm ….

Favorite shot from your gallery?? Why??(Post the link)

It was my birthday party some years ago. Everybody was happy and drunk. I love my friends and I like this shot for nice and warm memories it gives to me.

Black and white or color… or maybe red scale

Of course, bright color pictures. I hate black color – so I don’t like bw photography. For me it is too dark and unhappy.

3 hates and 3 loves from masha_njam…

3 hates November, boring people, language that I could not understand

3 loves kissing, music, sun

Your ideal lomo week-end?

At the see shore. We had one perfect lomopicknic here in St Petersburg in July.

Something special inspires you? or what is your motivation to take your photos??

I like to note documentary my life and everything around me, just to remember all details and events ( lomopictures are also perfect for my on-line dairy).

Favorite photographer of all time?

David LaChapelle for audacity colours and fashion
Robert Mapplethorpe for sensitivity and portraits (even black and white)

Do you have a favorite photographer in lomo? Who and why?

I like pictures of my friends’ katya-leontyeva, grad, japsix, gleby
They are really very good lomographers and looking at their pictures I am trying to be better.

Russia + Lomo a interesting combination.. How is the lomo life in Russia tell us a little bit

Russia and lomo – why not ? LCA was created in our city by this constructor
That’s why Russia is very important part of lomography.
And since lomo cameras were very popular in soviet union – we could say that lomography in Russia is much more older, then in other countries. Even my parents took pictures with lomo cameras and they were quite good.

Ok this is the last one: just tell us how is a day in the life of masha_njam…

It is very hard to understand what days are normal and what are not normal.
I like to live and that is my main inspiration.

Thanks for you time masha_njam.

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