Supersampler: Keeping It Still


There are many fun ways that you can use the Supersampler and techniques such as moving the camera or taking a photo of a moving subject is popular amongst lomographers. However, my preferred technique is to keep the camera still. Keep reading to find out why!

Credits: amytam

I’m not a very spontaneous person and this is exceedingly evident when I go and shoot photos. It’s not to say that I treat photography very seriously, and I do appreciate the unexpected effects such as light leaks and colour shifts while using various cameras and films. But, in terms of composition, I always find the need to plan and frame the picture, so I will know what to expect in the resulting photograph. So even after being given the fun and spontaneous Lomography Supersampler a couple of years ago, my personal preference is to keep it still.

Credits: amytam

So, just a quick background. The Supersampler, created by Lomography is a multi-lensed 35mm camera that takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single photo. A popular way to use this camera is to incorporate movement in its usage and you can do this by setting the camera at 0.5sec/photo and either the photographer or subject can move. You can even throw the camera and get some interesting images.

However, my favorite way to use the camera is to keep everything still and set the camera at 0.05sec/photo. Not only will I know what to expect in the photo, but I also love having the same image being repeated four times in a single frame. The repeating visual elements in the frame can actually bring a sense of unity and consistency throughout the photo. Plus, you get to see the same image four times!

Credits: amytam

I find that by having repetition, your eyes will actually scan the entire photo rather than being focused at one particular point. It can also add interest and depth to a boring object. So come on, Supersampler owners, try keeping the camera still and enjoy the outcome of repetition.

written by amytam on 2012-07-05 #lifestyle #supersampler #unity #repetition #still #repeat #sequential #repeating-image

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