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2012-07-03 10

Fast and silent. What you expect from a Zuiko Lens? Find out more about the Olympus XA and take a look at some photos in this review.

People think I’m crazy as I keep funding and searching for new camera to play with. Trust me, it takes a Lomographer to know another Lomographer, in this case, an addict lomographer!

I finally got my hands on this wonderful sexy beast, the Olympus XA. I’ve been wanting to take the plunge and feel the adrenaline of what a rangefinder camera can give. Sadly, due to insufficient funds, I can’t afford a high-end rangefinder. So, are you wondering how I got my hands on this beast?

It’s fast-paced everyday of the year in Singapore.

Here’s how I got my first rangefinder (Olympus XA): I did a TRADE! Yes, trade, as in no cash or credit involved!

I have two La Sardinas: the Mobius and Sapphire Serpent Edition. I traded my Sapphire Serpent for the Olympus XA. Is it worth, you ask? TOTALLY. (Don’t get me wrong, I too, love the Sardinas, but I don’t need 2 of the same camera, at the moment. :D)

I loaded in some fresh Lucky SHD 100 B&W film and throw this camera in my bag and carried it everywhere I go. Surprisingly, this camera works great even indoors without flash, ahh of course…due to the f2.8 Zuiko lens that is! Picture samples below:

After I was done with the roll, I sent it to the lab to get it process. Besides the light leaks it gives, I am so falling in love with this camera. You can see in the pictures of how contrasty the images are; imagine that with slide films or color negatives (I’m yet to try)!

All in all, If you want a cheap rangefinder and small enough to be carried everyday with you, this is the best (IMO) or I should say BESTEST camera of all. With its fast f2.8 lens, you can take pictures indoors with no problem! Also, it makes for a best street shooter due to its silent shutter. No one will know you had taken a picture of them!

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  1. breakingmyself
    breakingmyself ·

    I love how it slides apart, I must look out for one!

  2. jawatembak
    jawatembak ·

    zuiko love!

  3. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    nice pict..
    I want rf camera too but I'm confused
    any suggestion?except leica :D

  4. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    @ekeupratama theres quite few cheap ones tho. Maybe you can look at more vintage rangefinders like the Konica C35 series, Ricoh, or even Yashica GSN etcc. :D

  5. highdesertdan
    highdesertdan ·

    I got one for really cheap, and after a CLA it works as good as new. One of the top cameras in my arsenal. Tiny, takes sharp pictures and the auto exposure is always right on!

  6. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    I got my light leak fixed. :))

  7. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    @jaszee ricoh gx1?
    how about canonet series?

  8. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    Ahhh. Ricoh is nice too. Ricoh 500G if im not mistaken are rangefinders too. Canonet series are awesome but price wise i think my wallet cant handle it. :)

  9. chetsellars
    chetsellars ·

    I'm about to get my first XA. I wish I could combine the 28mm macro lens from the X4 with the DX film reading from the X3 with the rangefinder focusing and 6 element lens in the original XA, though. This is a line of amazing cameras.

  10. jaszee
    jaszee ·

    @chetsellars Come to think of it. I like how u put it. Maybe instead of their new OM-D, they should come out with XA-Pro. :D

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