Touring the World with my Lomo LC-A+


Through my work I have the opportunity to visit many countries around the world. I never forget my two favorite cameras: Lomo LC-A+ backed up by the Sprocket Rocket. This allowed me to take glances, moments and landscapes of our planet.

This year, I started the production of documentaries focusing on social problems of our planet. I went to many different countries on three continents (South America, Africa and Europe) to describe with my camcorder how the poor live and how many people work to help them in many ways.

I never leave without my favorite cameras:the Lomo LC-A+ and the Sprocket Rocket.

We were often not allowed to take pictures and so I applied one of the rules of Lomography: I aimed and I shot without thinking too much about how it was shooting. The LC-A is very small and I could hold it in the side pocket of my pants without being too conspicuous.

In doing so, I brought home many fragments of the life in our planet. Looks, landscapes, details that I could not leave behind but I had to take with me. I met faces, hands, places and tried to capture them with film. I made simple clicks—simple but truly and especially spontaneous.

The album that you can see in this article shows our travel from Bolivia, the Amazon, Africa, and Romania.

I think that traveling the world with an LC-A is a unique experience. Who knows where it will take me for the next trip! For sure, I will take with me my LC-A +!

written by recstop on 2012-12-05 #lifestyle #travel #lc-a #photo #lomography #lc-a #word #reporter #analogue-lifestyle
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