North Shore Secret Beach


Living on an island has its many pluses – this includes the plethora of beaches to explore. Sometimes this allows us to stumble upon secret beaches, locations that aren’t known by many. So take a look and get to know my favorite North Shore secret beach!

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Technically, on an island, the entire perimeter around the entire land mass is considered a beach – where the land and ocean meet.

Some beaches are more accessible, more tourist friendly, less rocky, etc. However, sometimes even the most gorgeous beaches are left untouched and only known by a few lucky locals.

This past summer, my love and I happened to visit one of those beaches. And boy, I can’t even explain how liberating it feels to take in the vast expanse of the area! It is simply perfect, sandy, clean, blue waters, lots of trees, and secluded.


The entrance to the beach.

Well, I unfortunately can’t give out the name of the beach, due to requests from the locals to keep their secret beach, well…lesser known. My apologies, fellow Lomograhers. But if you message me, I might consider sending you some info personally about the area.

That’s the tough thing about inhabitation – everyone wants to experience the best. So millions of tourists flock to Hawaii to have a taste of paradise: beaches, Aloha, local food…But sometimes that experience is not exactly the authentic one. And the really good beaches tend to become over-visited, trashed, and dull. Just look at Waikiki Beach!

This beach just exudes authenticity, rawness, organic beauty, and paradise to its traditional fullness.

Credits: dearjme

The sand can get a bit rocky and coral-y at times, and there is a lot of coral in the water, preventing deep swims, but the beauty of the beach is just spectacular.

There are some rock formations that scatter around the area, which remind me of giant slabs of stone from thousands of years ago. Little things like that truly just make the experience going to this beach much more fun and exciting!

Credits: dearjme

Because this secret beach is not worked out to be a visitor-friendly beach, there are no facilities or bathrooms or anything like that. Heck, there’s not even a parking lot. So make sure you hold it, or bring an empty bottle. (I personally never felt comfortable urinating in the ocean…) However, Ali’i Beach Park, which is close to this beach (ooh a clue! haha) has a decent public bathroom and shower area – so you can use their facilities on the way back home.

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The area of the beach seems to go on for miles and miles, so make sure you have enough people around to be safe. Don’t go out alone.

Credits: dearjme

I thoroughly enjoyed finding this beach and enjoying the natural views that seem to be straight out of a postcard. It’s places like this that really open my eyes to see how wonderful our world is.

Credits: dearjme

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