Kailua Beach: Serene Summer


The plain truth is that summer vacation calls for beach days. Kailua Beach is a beautiful location in Oahu, Hawaii, that captures the laid back feel of the islands. Soft sand, blue skies, light breezes…

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Kailua town is known for its relaxed atmosphere, as well as for its upscale, quality offerings. Seems like a paradox? Well, most of this results from the beautiful land, specific to the windward area of Oahu, that is so attractive to upper-class families, who come from the mainland (what we islanders call the continental states) and yearn to settle down in paradise here on Oahu.

However, because of the luxury afforded by the richer citizens, Kailua is able to grow and maintain the beautiful and traditional aspects of its town. These elements include the many beach parks, gorgeous plants and trees around the area, and many little charming shops and coffee houses.

So, as a result, Kailua is not a tourist attraction, with little to none flash – but with 100% island charm.

One of the largest beaches in Kailua is the aptly named “Kailua Beach”. It is a large expanse of sandy shore, and has a lot of parking area, as well – a plus.

The beach area is known for its extremely fine sand, which might be too fine for some tastes, but I absolutely adore it. It literally feels like walking on clouds! Even when tanning and relaxing on the beach, it is so tempting to fall deeply asleep on the sand.

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Another factor, the water – for some reason the windward side of Oahu seems to have much bluer water than the leeward side. Even I can’t understand why, but it could be due to the fact that Kailua is much less inhabited and urbanized than other areas, so perhaps the water is much more pure and untouched.

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At Kailua Beach, you’re bound to run into some locals splashing around, walking their dogs, or even para-sailing!

Don’t be afraid of the strong breeze, though – sometimes the windward side tends to be more windy than most. But on most days, the weather is simply perfect paradise.

Credits: dearjme

Kailua Beach is a favorite stop for my love and I to take a drive out of the downtown area of Honolulu, and just take in the laid back spirit of the town. The beach itself is a picturesque sight to see, and this summer demands many more visits back.

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