Flying Through the Sky with Faye & the La Sardina


We knew Faye through her vocals in the F.I.R. band, let’s see her in a different light this time, as she shoots with La Sardina: Virgina is for Lovers!

shot by staff

During her“Little Sky”concert tours, Faye brought along her La Sardina Virginia is for lovers camera,engaging her audience with analogue singing, and documenting the process through analogue lomography.

LomoHome : fayeperfume

1. First of all, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am Faye。 I debuted my first album in 2004 as the lead singer of F.I.R. ,and I have released 6 albums so far. In between producing the albums, I staged my own performances, known as “Little Sky”. I performed at many locations I haven’t been to, such as Taitung, Tainan.

*2. Can you introduce your Lomography camera?What is it that attracts you? *

This is a La Sardina ,when I first set my eyes on her, I felt that she brought me feelings of happiness. When I took my first shot, I thought to myself “What is this? Has anything been captured?”This is because we were too used to digital cameras, and we need a period of adjustment when using Lomography cameras. My La Sardina Virginia is for Lovers edition is cute ,it is adorned with lovely hearts ,named after the US’state of Viriginia ,with the classic phrase“Virginia is for LOVERS!”written on it. But, why is there none referring to Taiwan? Haha!

Credits: fayeperfume

*3. During your “Little Sky” tours,you took photos with your Lomography camera ,did anything interesting happen? Or can you share the most special experience?
When I was in Taitung, I took a shot of the audience from the stage. As nothing happened when I pressed the shutter, the audience gave me a look of “What are you doing?”It was later then I realized that the lens was not locked properly and hence, the shutter didn’t open, haha. And as a result, the flash didn’t go off~ I was still thinking to the La Sardina is it taking so long to charge up the flash? 』(LOL)。

*4. What are the differences between the “Little Sky” and FIR performances? *

They are actually quite different. Firstly, the venues are different, “Little Sky”’s stage is more intimate and closer to the audience. Secondly, the music genre is different. In “Little Sky”, I am more focused on country and city ballads, something more rhythmic, and more personal. After listening to my songs, the audiences would get to know me more. I felt that audiences can watch both performances. “Little Sky” has a limited number of shows and I treasure each and every performance. I hope to do as many tours as possible.

*5. Please use 3 songs to describe the joys and feelings Lomography has brought you! *

1. F.I.R.『Your Smile』 . When I hold a Lomography camera,I felt a bit silly and happy.
2. Arcade Fire - Ready to start 。Light punk,not so urban feel. I felt Lomography has the country feel, not so techy, and has the human touch.
3. Lenka - The Show 。This is the excitable, cute and light feel.

*6. “Little Sky” is an interactive performance style, why did you choose this method? *

Because music is a living thing.
I wish to see the expressions of the audience. In other words, music creation is linked to the performers, singers, musicians, and audience. The type of audience, the atmosphere of the day will influence the entire performance. Meaning, music is a 2 way street, the reaction of the audience will affect the performance, and feel that music is alive.

*7. Lomogarphy loves the joy analogue can bring to life, what do you think is the commonality between this spirit and “Little Sky”? *

Authentic,a more humane feel。We are listening to too many perfect stuff but some things cannot be too perfect as we don’t live in a perfect world. Nobody can claim that they are perfect, hence, our music must be a reflection of ourselves, that is to depict the feelings accurately. Some feelings cannot be created by technology, like in “Little Sky”, I go back to basics and simplified many things. I used the primitive, Demo versions for a lot of songs to present the original spirit of the music. This is because when %{color:red} creating music, the idea at that moment is very precious, it is important not to overly polish it. This is similar to film photography, film can’t capture images as realistically as our eyes but it has a warm feel, this is the same logic as music. %

Credits: fayeperfume

*8. What is your most unforgettable moment during this concert tour? *

Everyone is very serious and focused on listening to the moment. I feel that “Listening” is very valuable in “Little Sky”. I hope that everyone can listen with their heart,and pick out the details that you might not notice in the albums. I want to make you feel that it is coming from my heart and be touched. Actually I also want to feel the feedback from the audience, and the feedback is very quiet and focused. You can feel that they very much wanted to listen, and absorb all your notes, I felt very satisfied and as finally, someone is listening to me.

*9. Both music and photography are creative pursuits, and some view it as a means to let off some steam. To you, what is the relationship between music and photography? *

To express something that cannot be put in words 。Music and photography represent things that cannot be said in our daily lives. Sometimes, a picture is self explanatory, you can see the feeling and be touched. Similarly for song, it is an abstract means of communications but it is more concrete than language. Sometimes when a song is sung, there is no need to talk too much and the audience will know what you want.

Credits: fayeperfume

*10. If you could introduce a movie and a song to us, what will they be? *

I would like to introduce a drama serial (LOL),Desperate Housewives 。Its ending touched me and has a lot of depth. Actually, at the end of every episode, there will be a conclusion, that is the deceased will say a sentence that has double entendre. That phrase is then used to link everyone’s life experience together and explain something about life. The ending left me with mixed feelings but it didn’t made me give up hope. I felt that this is a very good show and I have hopes and expectations about life after watching it.

The song would be 『花瘋』 。It is only available on Street Voice, do a search on fayeperfume。Li Gedi wrote the yrics and I am the composer. This is the saddest song in my current repertoire. Besides the sadness, the protagonist found a happy sense of being, a place of belonging. She foresaw that there will be setbacks and sadness but she has positive thoughts. The whole process is a sacrifice. The most beautiful ending is“ashes to ashes, and dust to dust” 。

If you life don’t have anything worth your while to placate, it will be very empty. It is very sad actually but it resonates with me. Sometimes I will think about why I need to please someone. But if you don’t do so, it implies there is no love and no passion. The meaning of existence is such that life will be sad if I can’t find anyone I would like to please.

Credits: fayeperfume

*11. What is happening in your life recently and what are your upcoming projects? *
I will be focusing on writing more songs in the coming days, to extend my creativity to various levels such as: scents, perfume,because I have a habit of collecting perfumes. I created a fragrance brand“Little Fairies”, selling the fragrances I created and lip balms. We have an excellent team, and everyone loves the fragrance business and is looking forward to new happenings and products. Hence, after sniffing some special scents, we will pirouette like teenagers ~

*12. Lastly, what do you have to say to Lomography newbies? *
Lomography is like a mysterious magic trick, you don’t know what you have shot, and you will only know the answers after 36 shots. So, let’s have fun and expectations!

The images shot by Faye will increase with the numbers of “Little Sky” tours, Follow fayeperfume’s Lomohome today!%

Where can you find Faye?
Faye Facebook Fanpage | Little Fairies’ Facebook Link

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