Lomography Actionsampler - CLACKCLACKCLACKCLACK!


The Actionsampler is one pretty funky piece of hardware. It’s plastic lightness predisposes for spontaneous use to capture movement in all of it’s glory, complete with funny faces and all. It is an indispensable camera for the street lomographer.

The Lomography Actionsampler provides a sequential four images for each film frame through it’s four tiny plastic lenses. Every frame is a story, every frame is action. It is one of the most fun, creative and portable cameras. Mine made a groovy ‘KKKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR’ sound on shutter release, managed to scare my wife out of her wits several times with it. What better way to capture antics at festivals, shows, sports events, or just on a stroll through the park, than with four serially firing lenses ?

Because of its tiny apertures (what is the f-stop equivalent btw?) I recommend using ISO 800 film for best results, as even ISO 400 film in bright daylight can lead to underexposure (see attached pics). For indoors I recommend ISO 1600. As it is an all-plastic camera it is very light, but also very sensitive. I had shot two rolls with mine and then left it for over a year unused (shame on me!), then on the third roll the film advance broke. Treat this baby right and you are in for endless fun ! Just be gentle :D

You’re still here ? Better go buy one now ! I know I am, need a replacement >)

written by cyan-shine on 2009-09-08 #gear #street #fun #review #daylight #movement #action #cool #lomography #actionsampler


  1. dogma
    dogma ·

    Nice review ;)

  2. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Thanks :D

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