An Analogue in Analogue

2012-07-01 19

We all have been thanking our trusted analogue cameras for all those beautiful shots we have taken — and the love for these fancy cameras just can’t be denied; it’s true and it’s indescribable.

We have taken lovely photos of us, our friends, our family, our pets, destinations and almost everything and anything under the sun (or moon)! But have we been grateful to the invention that produced these images? Maybe yes, maybe no!

Hey, isn’t it time that we take analogue photos of our analogue cameras? Might sound like an inception but why not make it happen? That’s why in this week’s selection of photos by the Community, we have decided to choose 50 lovely Lomographs of various analogue cameras!

It’s time we put the highlight to these beauties! So here they are, everyone! And while browsing this gallery, it seems fun to play a name-that-camera-game, eh? Enjoy!

Credits: natalieerachel, ccwu, ornella, frits, _pennylane, dakadev_pui, spacechampion, mephisto19, stratski, eiilot, buckshot, carmenmoreno, tomas-scigulinsky, dykstran, tiano, volker-jp, katinkaja, zjerke-emael, stecha, phishfood, iidiko, yokekei, devilfirzen, why-yu, anteros, lieze, pompoms13, dudizm, panelomo, plasticpopsicle, lowgun, k_melancholy, duringmyheyday & isilyellowcopets

I’m sure you have more analogue photos of your analogue cameras, right? So don’t be shy and submit!

written by mayeemayee on 2012-07-01 #lifestyle #gallery #camera #community #selection #lomographs


  1. tomkiddo
  2. rrohe
  3. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Wow, that Ensign 'Ful-Vue' one looks incredible...!

  4. mayeemayee
  5. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Oops, hi @phishfood! Almost missed ya. And thanks for the submissions @tomkiddo, @rrohe!

  6. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Sweet! Thanks @mayeemayee! <3

  7. nishichauhan
  8. anteros
    anteros ·

    Hey, awesome! Thanks! (:

  9. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    thanks ^_^

  10. paulinetuesday
    paulinetuesday ·

    Thanks @mayeemayee ! :-)

  11. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    Thank you

  12. devilfirzen
    devilfirzen ·

    Thanks so much~!

  13. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    nice series

  14. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Yay four of mine! :)

  15. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    thank you @mayeemayee ! ;D

  16. coolbober
  17. roxanneross
  18. lomonesia
  19. myloft
    myloft ·

    loving all the pictures... eye candies

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