Tag it! Flash Rumble: Dusk

2012-06-30 1

Hello there, you just caught this day’s flash rumble, talk about good timing! Why? Because our current theme today has got something to do with the importance of being prompt!

Credits: lawypop

To take a picture is not just merely reproducing what you saw; it’s also about recording time. It’s more than composing your elements in your shot; what’s more important is that you encapsulate that space of time in it. For this round of our weekend flash rumble, we want you to submit to us your best photos that has the time tag of dusk. Those scenic and moody snaps taken on this time are what we want to see!

The 16th, 36th,123rd uploader will win 10 piggies! Submit yours now!


  • The winners will get 10 piggies, complete with badges!
  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue photos that are tagged with the time “dusk”
  • Upload Limit: 5 photos

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