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2012-06-29 2

Before we had that red-curtained icon on our gadget’s dock, real photo booths actually existed. Closet-sized boxes with cameras and lights installed, sitting on street corners, ready to take your coins and picture… Check out some oldies but goodies from the photo booths of yesteryear.

Photos via These Americans

“Awkward pouts, happily glazed-over eyes, giddy couples and grinning friends — these photo booth pictures are just like yours. Only, they’re not. They’re very old. Check out this delightful bunch of vintage photo booth pictures curated by These Americans. From their hand-colored flushed cheeks on crumpled sepia paper to charmingly outdated feathered caps, from their ’30s curls and ’60s eyeliner, from smiling sailors to doe-eyed teenagers — it’s like ruffling through twenty grandmas’ memory chests at once!”

There were still photo booths around my city when I was a kid in the ‘90s but they started disappearing as we entered the new millennium. I wish we still had them today because the entire photobooth experience was fun! From the cheap cost, to squeezing a bunch of people into the tiny enclosure, to getting blinded by the intermittent flash, and especially picking up the photo strip after the booth spits it out, now that’s a true analogue experience!

Share your vintage photo booth pics in the comments below!

Visit These Americans for more info. Sourced from Flavorwire.

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  1. iamdnierod
    iamdnierod ·

    vintage indeed!

  2. katherine-griffiths1
    katherine-griffiths1 ·

    "These Americans" may "curate" these photos but whoever the owner of the "These Americans" site is, they just copy them from ebay and other websites without permission. He/she has published photos that I own, which I have seen on various websites without any reference to my copyright or links back to my blog which is where I presume he snaffled them from. I recognise a few of these from Albert Tanquero's ebay shop. I am willing to bet "These Americans" didn't buy any of them.

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