Globetrotting with the LC-A+ Russia Day Edition

2012-07-06 1

The LC-A+ Russia Day Edition is a sharp-looking, full-featured camera. This article gives you a brief introduction and my first month with this exciting red and black 35mm camera.

I travel frequently for work and usually by plane. I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to have a film camera that I can take along on the plane rides to shoot some amazing take offs an landings. It would need to be a manual camera without an on/off switch.

My lomo journey started with the Diana F+ Black Jack but that required advanced planning. I saw the LC-A+ at the LA Gallery Store and was hooked instantly. The small size is great for Rule No. 1 and it doesn’t need a lens cap. The Russian optics and built in light meter made it perfect for me. It’s a serious yet dependable camera which looks all business. Don’t think—just shoot!

LC+A+ Russia Day Edition with matching wrist strap

Enter the bright and colorful Russia Day Edition. It has the great features of a Sino-Russian camera, but it does not stop there. The beautiful silk-lined boxes hides a trove of lomographic treasure. The photo book not only includes photos, but 50 tips and tricks for your LC-A+ shooting pleasure. You’ll also get the history of the Lomo Kompakt Automat and its journey from Mother Russia to 21st Century China.

There’s a hand dandy cable release which is great for those low light photos that are metered out perfectly. A colorful lomo wrist strap keeps your new cameras always at arm’s length and ready to go. Since I already have a Diana flash, it fits right in with the hotshoe adapter, so it’s all ready to go day or night! In bright light you can expect a nice vignette effect, but you won’t know until you get that 35mm film developed.

Amsterdam Photos

The LC-A+ has a few settings: film speed and range focus. The film speed setting works with the built in light meter for determining the photo exposure time. In my humble opinion this is what I forget to set most often because I am usually too excited to try out the new roll of film. Once the speed is set, it’s time to focus and arrange the shot. For those of us on still on the Imperial system, the focus range is 3 ft, 4.5 ft, 100 ft, and infinity.

Vignetted Photos
Nighttime Photos

The 3 feet setting is great for close ups and it’s a pretty unique feature. The other great feature is the long exposure for low light settings. The LC-A+ has a very satisfying shutter release sound but the double click in the low light setting is my favorite part of this camera. I’m still getting to know my new Russian friend trying out different types of film and the wide-angle vignettes.

The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day will show you what Russian Passion is all about. Clad in red leather and decorated with fertility symbols, this special edition camera is limited to 2,000 pieces only. It is equipped with the legendary Russian Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens and comes in an exquisite black wooden lined with precious silk. Get your own Lomo LC-A Russia Day now!

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  1. brandkow93
    brandkow93 ·

    Nice review and nice shots, i really like the colour of the camera.
    FOR SALE!!! LC-A refurbished, bought two weeks ago so has 1 year and 50 weeks of warantee left, message me if you interested.

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