MX Your Bokeh with Circular Light Dots!

2012-07-05 2

You must be familiar with circular, heart shaped, and even star shaped bokeh! Combining these bokeh with multiple exposures create another type of dreamy feel! Learn how you can do it in this tipster.

Bokeh has been one of the favourite technique used by most photographers. Bokeh is derived from Japanese, and it can also mean “blurred”. Hence, bokeh can also mean the out of focused areas in a photo.

This time I used a DIY Redscale film and an SLR to shoot this series of MX circular bokehs! I shot the entire roll once, rewound the film, and then exposed it again to create the MX effect.

Credits: icuresick

I first shot from the rooftop of my house, making use of the lights from the skyscrapers to obtain the circular bokeh with a large aperture lens. Adjust the aperture to obtain light dots of your desired size and snap! When the roll is completed, rewind and make sure the film lead is out, then you are ready for the MX! The second exposure will be the main subjects of the photo, please choose wisely!

Credits: kuo-kwi

As I was using redscale film, I shot both exposures at ISO 100 setting. This way, the actual exposure is ISO 50, resulting in light orangey tones! You can adjust according to your own preference! Go capture the city’s circular dots in the darkness of the night now!

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translated by coolsigg


  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Hahaa I just did this last week and was going to write a tipster! shucks. Great photos though.

  2. original_j2
    original_j2 ·

    @dearjme haha- Same here!

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