Cinema Paradiso: A Venetian Short Film Experience with LomoKino!


Read on about my first time trying analogue movie making in Venice, home of the oldest international film festival in the world!

Last year, I managed to purchase a cheap return air ticket to Venice, Italy during my upcoming Christmas holidays in December. It would be the first time I travel solo with my film cameras so naturally I was looking forward to the trip. Anyway, my flatmate had just bought the then newly-released LomoKino and he kindly offered me to take it along.

I chose to bring along two rolls of Kodak UltraMax 400 to be used on the LomoKino, having read about the potential gloomy weather during winter; not to mention the shorter daytime too. As I was using my LC-Wide, LC-A+, and Sprocket Rocket as well during the trip, I did not have the LomoKino ready to shoot all the time, only taking it out of my sling bag when I feel that something interesting could be recorded.

As I have not tried my hands on movie making this way before, I did a few researches on other users’ results using the LomoKino. I learnt that sometimes, in a bid to save on number of shots since this camera gulps film very quickly, some would only record a scene in 3-4 shots. It resulted in a particular scene ending up like a slideshow of pictures. Hence, when I was using it in Venice, I tried to use up at least 8-9 shots per scene, hoping that it would provide a better scene recording.

Using the LomoKino was a great experience — just the act of turning the crank itself was enough to catch a few people’s attention! I did not have a particular storyline that time; since it was still only my first experience with it, I decided to randomly shoot anything interesting and hoped that all turned out well! I did not bother looking through the viewfinder because it limits my field of vision and really limits the camera’s potential — I just point it at my subject and hoped the camera would do its job!

I sent my film to be developed and scanned, so when I got the files they were all in 4 shots per image like a SuperSampler. I guessed the lab had not seen anything like that and they cut off some of the shots; had I discovered that my university has scanning facilities at the Photography department I would have done it myself that time! Nevertheless, I took a look at the photos and I thought I could work with most of it. Thankfully, all images turned out good enough; some were better than expected, such as the seafood market and a scene on the last day when the sun was finally showing!

I did all the cropping in Photoshop and used Windows Movie Maker to compile them, using the tutorial at LomoKino’s microsite. I managed to use all the shots and did no rearranging of any sorts as well in this video, hence what you see happened chronologically during my trip. I also added a track — Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Winter | Concerto No. 4, Op. 8 RV 293, Largo. There was really no one better than Vivaldi’s music since he was born in Venice and this is the winter part of his Four Seasons!

This is a great camera; although some work is required before reaching the end product, the results are really satisfying. I have yet to purchase a LomoKino for myself, but I think it would be a great target to save up for some piggies!

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