Never A Dull Moment With The Colorsplash!


If dreary weather and unsavory lighting conditions are bringing you down, the Lomography Colorsplash Camera or Colorsplash Flash can help give an instant boost!

Photo by: dfunkdamager

What does a camera flash do? It illuminates dimly-lit situations. What does a Colorsplash do? Plenty!

With the Colorsplash Camera and the Colorsplash Flash, you can expect a crazy whirlwind of bright colors no matter what the lighting conditions are. It does more than just illuminate a scene – it gives a vibrant burst of color. Just choose among the color gel filters and “paint” your photos by pressing the button.

For nighttime/indoor snapshots, try the Bulb setting for amazing long-exposures.


Photos by: ==spoeker,zeitfenster==, marta1901, marina_marineta, phaliyp, spoeker, johann_affendy, juju1015, dianalerias, dro333

While it’s easy to get carried away with the Colorsplash in the nighttime, don’t forget that it works just as fun in the daytime. In fact, it works best when it’s a bit cloudy!


Credits: cookievv, shhquiet, thelefties, honestcrooks, walasiteodito, daverook, grad, julia & chuck_norton

Photos by: phaliyp, cookievv, shhquiet, thelefties, honestcrooks, walasiteodito, daverook, grad, julia, chuck_norton

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