DIY Diana Strap Marker For Measuring the Distance of Your Close-Up Lens!


In this tipster, learn how to make a DIY Diana close-up lens marker by making use of little trinkets and colored cloths that compliment your camera strap!

Let’s add a little beauty to the usual Diana strap marker! For this tip I’m using a Diana F+ with a close-up lens. It’s okay if you’re using something else since you can also do this with any camera strap!

What you will need:

1. A piece of thin cloth in any pattern or color
2. Your choice of colored thread
3. Sewing needle
4. Ruler
5. Button / trinket you want to customize your marker with
6. Pushpin

Step 1:

Get your ruler and measure 6 inches from your close-up lens. For other cameras and distances, just run a pushpin through the area where you want your marker to be.

Step 2:

Cut a piece of cloth at about an inch or 1.5 inches. Take out the pushpin and fold in the cloth onto your strap. Once done, run the pushpin through the marker to hold it in place. Since my camera strap is in black, brown and white, I preferred to chose earth colors to suit its whole look.

Step 3:

Get your needle and thread and sew in the cloth. Also it’s better if the thread color compliments the cloth’s color too to make it look extra nice!

Step 4:

Get your little trinket to personalize your marker. For this one I used a small heart shaped piece. You can use other stuff too like small buttons or tiny beads.

Step 5:

Sew this in; making sure that it covers the rest of the first thread so it doesn’t look too messy. Lock it in place and you’re done!

It’s not just about marking the distance with your strap but making it look good too! Nothing better than customizing your own gear as soon as you step out of your home to take amazing pictures!

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