La Sardina Attends the Antony Morato Opening!


What do you do when an italian fashion brand opens a new showroom in Milano and invites you for the party? It’s the best occasion to get fancily dressed and create a lomo reportage with the creative potentials of the La Sardina!

On June 12, 2012, I received the invitation for the opening party of a new showroom in Milano of the fashion brand, Antony Morato.

Since the beginning of my lomo experience, I wanted to portray the energy and the joy of a party event with the particular style of a lomo shooting.

I decided to use my La Sardina equipped with Fritz the Blitz flash and 3 colour filters because of its versatile possibilities of shooting wide angle pics also in poor light conditions, and in addition I wanted to try some light painting effects using the colourful neon lights of the showroom.

I usually like to capture details of things and people, even getting very close to the subject, and La Sardina was the ideal companion also for close-up pictures. The party was full of creative people and the energy of the brand Antony Morato was always around.

As I experimented in the past, the appeal of a lomo camera make it easy to involve people as subjects, and the creative angle of some shootings helped me to get smiling faces around me. Even the two or three dogs were happy and curious to be captured by La Sardina.

Shooting from the top of a light cube or from the floor-height, gives to this reportage a perfect idea of the possibilities to get some images in a divverent perspective.

I used two films: Fuji Velvia 100 x-processed to get that particular fuchsia-coloured images, and Lomo X-pro slide 200 to capture the best of images in poor light conditions.

In addition to that, the people of the party was really attracted by my light painting experiments and many of them wanted to know more about that strange camera and the analogue way of taking pictures.

Thanks to all people at Antony Morato that allowed me to capture the happiness of this nightly party!

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