To The Belvedere Gardens With The Fisheye Baby 110


Vienna’s Belvedere consists of two magnificent palaces: the Upper and Lower Belvedere. They were built in the 18th century as the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy. The palaces and their extensive gardens are considered to be one of the world’s finest Baroque landmarks – and guess what, that’s where we’re heading with the Fisheye Baby 110!

The splendid view of the city of Vienna with St Stephen’s Cathedral and Kahlenberg is what gave the palaces and grounds their name: Belvedere – beautiful view.

Starting at the Lower Belvedere, the Baroque garden layout unfolds towards the more prestigious Upper Belvedere. Very much in line with the French model: trees, hedges, sculpture, fountains and cascades are arranged symmetrically.

The Baroque gardens include a number of sculptures including muses, depictions of pastoral life, allegories of the months and vases line the paths and steps. Two sphinxes stand as stone guards at the garden side of the main entrance to the Upper Belvedere.

If you’re interested in more than just the gardens, the Upper Belvedere houses an impressive collection of Austrian art dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. At the heart of this display is the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection including The Kiss.

Whether you visit to enjoy the greenery and fresh air or the masterpieces on display, one thing’s for sure: don’t forget your Fisheye Baby 110 at home cause you’ll regret it!

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