Game Shows All Across the World!

I love game shows, don’t you? Check out how they do it all across the world! Can you guess which of these are based off another, American, game show? And can you guess which are originals? Which quiz shows did you grow up with in your households? Would love if you shared!

Let’s start with the granddaddy of all game shows – in my opinion… and what a laugh this episode is!

USA - What’s My Line

And let’s take a trip around the world to various county’s television studios and sit in the audience for a razzling-dazzling time. Who knows, we might even win consolation prizes for giving our host’s good applause and laughter!

Belgium - De Drie Wijzen

Brasil - Roletrando

Finland - Megavisa

France - Des chiffres et des lettre

Germany - Quiz Taxi

India - Kaun Banega Crorepati

Japan - Panel Quiz Attack 25

Korea - Goldfish (황금어장)

Malaysia - Jangan Lupa Lirik

Mexico - 100 Mexicanos Dijeron

South Africa - Noot vir Noot

Thailand - Ching Roi Ching Lan (ชิงร้อยชิงล้าน)

Check out the full list here!

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