Get Into The Mini Movement!


“It’s sweet and petite …” Yeah, we get it, we get it. But it’s not just the cuteness of the Diana Mini that should win you over. This plastic beauty delivers plenty of options to help you easily and conveniently create kick-ass masterpieces!

Square photos used to be exclusive to Medium-Format. Not until the Diana Mini 35mm camera came along – armed not only with the square format, but the option to take Half-Frames, too! With the Half-Frame option, you can shoot up to 72 shots with a roll of 35mm film (36 exposures).

Photos by: alannahwestcliffe, beatpoetj, whitelise, jlruido, benedettagianna, 5thdimension, stratski, alisanri, raylim, littlehippo, bokustan, rodrigosampaio

The experimentation doesn’t stop at the Multi-Format option. You can do multiple-exposures to make surreal images, and dreamy long-exposures with the ‘B’ setting. All of these and more, in this sweet little camera!

The Diana Mini is now bundled up the Diana F+ Flash! Get perfectly dreamy squares or half-frames in all lighting conditions. Get the Diana Mini Flash Package now!

written by shhquiet on 2012-06-30 #lifestyle #35mm #square #half-frame #diana-mini

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