Never Ending Happiness in Japan

2012-07-06 3

When I was young, I’ve always had this dream that I wanted Doraemon to help me with everything just like what he used to do for Nobita. As children grew up watching Doraemon, and we all know that he comes from Japan, it really prompted me to make the effort to go there.


Last Summer in April, was my first time to Japan. We arrived in Tokyo and met our friends in Chijuku to hangout where we have so many crazy memories of that funny place.

After that, we left Tokyo to go to Kyoto, and travel to the central part of Japan

We took the JR line to Osaka wherein we visited Osaka Castle, such a beautiful place, Japanese people usually take a bento for Hanami at the Sakura place around Osaka Castle.

After that we transferred from Namba, and found Glico, one of the popular land marks in Osaka.

Meanwhile, Miyajima is a small island in Hiroshima. A charming place, Miyajinma is famous for its giant Torii gate, the site is ranked high among the must-sees in Japan.

It’s unfortunate that we missed the peace memorial for Hiroshima because it was already closed. T___T

After happiness in the Kansai area we moved on to Takayama and Shirakawago, which has retained a traditional touch like a few other Japanese cities.

Finally we were back to Tokyo and was able to hang out again with our friends, so happy!

Unlimited happiness in Japan, everything is funny!

Sayonara and see you again! _

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