Go Outside! Places to Play in San Francisco

2012-06-30 12

We’ve been seeing some great weather here in San Francisco! When the sun is shining and the temperature rises, SF locals take some time to enjoy the weather. With our friends, our pets, our picnics and our cameras in tow, there’s no better way to spend a day than outside! Thus, here’s a list of some or favorite places to lay out and soak up the sun.

Golden Gate Park
Our first stop is Golden Gate Park a massive urban park that spans over 1,000 acres! Witin the park’s boundaries ar the Japapese Tea Garden, San Francisco Botanical Gardens, the AIDS Memorial Grove, the De Young Museum, the Academy of Sciences and more. There are a few lakes with beautiful stone ridges and paddle boats, some waterfalls, dedicated hiking and bicyce paths and even a Bison paddock! Squirrels, pheasants, ducks and geese are common too. There are always special events and concerts happening on one of the fields, so go often. After all, Golden Gate Park can’t be completely experienced in a single day anyway. Whether sighseeing or just hanging out on the lawns, Golden Gate Park is a must-see.

Credits: ashleylilla

Dolores Park
Dolores Park is a well-known public space enjoyed by Bay Area residents from every city. Recent renovations have improved upon the already well-trafficed attractions, including playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts and more. With great views of the city in every direction, it’s a popular spot for both sunbathers and picnicers alike. It’s also quite easy to get to, as it’s just a short MUNI ride from any part of the city. Cool off with some cold treats from Bi-Rite creamery while you’re in the area!

Yerba Buena Gardens
Just south of the bustle of Market Street in downtown San Francisco is a gem that the shoppers often overlook… Yerba Buena Gardens! It lies in close proximity to a good selection of art spaces, including the SF MoMA, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the Cartoon Art Museum and many more! You can also find the Metreon and the Moscone Center nearby. The park is home to the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial fountains, a carousel, and some great trees and lawn spaces. It’s not uncommon to find both young and old folks lounging about, and there’s almost always live music or public theater on the weekends.

Credits: lomographysf

Washington Square
In the middle of North Beach lies Washington Square, a park and public space that sees heavy traffic all year round! It’s well recognized in photos by the presence of the iconic Sts. Peter and Paul Church. With many fine restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the area, it’s a great place to meet up with your friends and hang out for a bit before getting a bite or brew. Dogs are always welcome and present, and they’re as common as the children running about.

Credits: lomographysf

To be honest, San Francisco has an innumerable amount of great outdoor spaces. We couldn’t hope to feature all of the parks, but we also love Alamo Square, Mount Davidson, the Sutro Baths, Mount Davidson… What are some of your favorite places to get out and explore?

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  1. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Lovely photos of Canada Goose and the adorable squirrel : )

  2. lomographysf
    lomographysf ·

    @hxloon Thanks! The animals at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens re quite used to people and very friendly, so getting photos of them is no problem!

  3. lomographysf
    lomographysf ·

    @hxloon Thanks! The animals at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens re quite used to people and very friendly, so getting photos of them is no problem!

  4. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I loved Golden Gate Park as a kid. I am sure a lot has changed in 30 yrs though. I would like to return to visit again.

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