The Retro Charm of Club Color 100 (Expired 110 Film)

I’m also addicted to the pocket film mania. In this review, I want to introduce a long-expired pocket film: the Club Color 100.

Expired films are somehow always exciting. It may be that the photos are nothing, and sometimes there are interesting color shifts. The Club Color 100 surprised me with photos sporting a vintage look.

The film has a sensitivity of 100 ISO and expired in 1990. About the manufacturers of “Club Color” I couldn’t find much. In one forum, it has been rumored that this could be made by AGFA. Speaking against that, the packaging of the film has “Made in Italy” written on it.

The results remind me of the first films of the Impossible Project. Over the years, the film lost saturation and contrast. Also, notice that the colors look somewhat “washed” out.

Strangely, these photos look relatively “normal”:

All photos were taken with my Rollei A 110. It was my first film with this camera, so it was a test film.

The film is of course no longer in production and it’s difficult to get it. I am glad that I had a second film in the package and I can still use it. If you happen to come across an old pocket/110 film, try it out at any case!

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