It's A Family Lomo Affair on the Radio!


This is how my husband, my mother and I ended up being interviewed about Lomography on BBC Radio! Because of my article “It’s a Family Affair; How my Husband turned me into a Lomo Monster", we got airtime to talk about analogue photography!

Credits: maddym

You may have read my earlier article, It’s a Family Affair - How My Husband Turned Me Into a Lomo Monster, where I talked about the project that my husband came up with that got me, my mum, and him back into film photography. Well, since then, my mum was named Lomography Newcomer of the Week, and my dad decided to see if he could get the local press interested.

So that’s how me, my husband and my mum ended up in the BBC Radio Leicester studio at ten past nine on Saturday morning.

Credits: maddym & alisonjit

Now to be completely honest, I hadn’t really been looking forward to this experience. When mum rang me to say that Radio Leicester wanted an interview with the 3 of us, although I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, I was also aware that this was usually the kind of thing I would try to avoid. I don’t like talking in front of large groups of people and I really don’t like the sound of my voice on recordings (why do I always come out sounding like a really posh 12 year old?). Is it just me or is it so much more comfortable for a photographer or artist to hide behind their camera or paintbrush? That place is where I like to live.

Credits: alisonjit

But, we went for it, and actually, we all really enjoyed it. We discovered, for one thing, how difficult it is to try to sum up a free flowing, spontaneous idea like lomography, with only ten minutes, and no pictures. But, I think we managed to express overall how much fun we were having with it, and how exciting the whole experimentation with films and colours side of it is. And, in the end, talking in to a microphone isn’t that hard, right?

So, here’s some of our photos that we took to discuss with the interviewer, and (I think you have to be in the UK to be able to listen to this online) here. you can listen to the interview. It’s only available until Saturday the 30th of June, so check it out quick!

Credits: mikeyleic, alisonjit & maddym

written by maddym on 2012-07-06 #news #interview #family #radio #lomography #leicester

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