The Best Deep Fried Smashed Chicken in East Singapore?


Having deep fried smashed chicken (or Ayam Penyit) for lunch is a luxury for me and my colleagues. Read on to find out why.

Where do we want to go for lunch today? This is a question that I ask my colleagues at work when we are tired of eating at the nearest food centre, which is just 500 metres away. While the food centre offers lunch deals at prices that are hard to beat in the area, you just can’t eat the same food everyday five days in a row.

So when time permits, we’ll head over to Bedok Food Centre, which is just a ten-minute drive down the road.

Located at the corner of Upper East Coast Road, Bedok Food Centre is a popular eating destination for residents living in the area and army personnel that are based opposite the food centre.

According to some older residents and diners, this place used to be a Malay village in the 1980s, which explains why the new Bedok Food Centre has a Malay village theme and style.

What draws the diners’ attention, other than the mouthwatering food, is the high roof that provides much needed ventilation and protection against the rain.

Though the cuisine is mainly Malay, this food centre is also famous for its Chinese fried noodles.

When I was there, I think I saw the reason. The chef, a middle-aged gent, was dressed in a smart long sleeved business shirt; thus, making him stand out from the other hawkers. According to some, while the noodle is not as cracked up as it used to be, it is the chef’s professional business attire that still draws in the crowd.

But what I am usually there for is the deep fried smashed chicken (Ayam Penyit). Basically, this is an Indonesian dish, where the chicken that is first fried and then smashed to release the flavours.

But drivers are advised that this is a popular spot so when you park at the carpark do display your parking coupon correctly and be back before your coupon expires. The parking wardens are very active in this area.

So when my colleagues and I have lunch at Bedok Food Centre, we know it is one of those hard-to-come-by days that we can take it easy and enjoy the moment.

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