An Urban Adventure in Lisbon


A wonderful mix of bright colours, beautiful blue skies, and evocative old buildings, Lisbon is a must-visit city for Lomographers! As a lomographer based in the North West of England, a part of the world not known for it’s bright clear skies and strong light conditions, I was completely taken aback by the light in Lisbon. Everything was in the spotlight of the brightest sun I’d ever seen, lit perfectly for the camera.

Credits: panchoballard

A city of tiled buildings, trams, and tranquil gardens, around every corner, there is something for the Lomographer to see. Decaying old apartment buildings, magnificent stone archways, many, many viewpoints and wonderful antique shop signs, I just couldn’t put my camera down. Indeed, I took these photos last September and have only just managed to finish sorting through the many shots to pick my favourites.

Credits: panchoballard

So, what to single out? The castle is a must if you want some fantastic shots overlooking the whole city. Make sure you take a trip on the tram to the Belem part of the coast for some shots of the bridge that dominates the city and the Discoveries Monument. For a more modern feel, head north along the coast to the Parque das Nações, a great mix of modern architecture, public art, and a bit of shopping. And of course, don’t forget to visit the Lomography store!

Credits: panchoballard

written by panchoballard on 2012-07-02 #places #location #urban-adventures #lisbon-portugal-urban-city-castle

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