AGFA CT Precisa 200: A Film with the Pox


We are all in love with the marvelous and unchallenged pinnacle of colour-cross-explosion of the Agfa CT Precisa 100. In the quest to find films with likewise features, I looked in the neighborhood and found another gangsta: the Agfa CT Precisa 200. But, this black sheep in the family surprised me with unprecedented effects. This film is sick – it has the pox!

I got my Agfa CT Precisa 200 some time ago from eBay. No idea how old it was, nor how it was stored. I took on my last trip and it came back with red dots on the crossed pictures. So it is the perfect film for eva_eva, who is in love with polkadots all the way.

Credits: wil6ka

My first thought was, it’s a cool effect. Second thought, that must be fungus. Third thought, am I the only one out there with that observation? And just days after, I stumbled about an album of paper_doll with the identical marks from the same film.

So it seems, this effect has happend before and there is a system behind it. I figured that when the exposure is darker, there are more dots. Or vice versa. I noticed this when a dot went over a light and a dark area. Then, the colour of the dot slighlty vanishes in the light area. So when you would give the unexposed film to the development, you would receive an otherwordly sky of red stars back. I also figured, when there are more dots, the picture tends to be more reddish, or again, the other way around. The dots themselves come in all sizes and are darker on the edges than on the inside. All in all it feels like a very organic living bacteria on a piece of film. This kind of gives it a very interesting point of storytelling. Analogue photography is alive!

I know that shoujoai asked herself the question as well, where the dots come from. I guess fungus is the closest guess. But at least we can circle the red dots down to the CT Precisa 200 now.

Compared with the CT Precisa 100, it shows different characteristics when crossed. There is a vintage hue on all the pictures, like a plesent retro-veil. Also, the contrasts are much lower then on the Precisa 100 and the colours turn more pinkish and turquoise. But don’t nail me down with this description, I am not so well with colours.

Credits: wil6ka

Another thing, that is striking is that there are more exposures on the film. Maybe I just got the most awkward batch or the CT Precisa 200 comes with no less than 39 exposures.

The AgfaPhoto CT Precisa captures your memories with exceptional colour rendition and is ideal for sunny outdoor adventures. When cross-processed, you will see an overall colour-shift as cool blue tones envelop your images. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. kiri-girl
    kiri-girl ·

    They definitely look like bacterial colonies.. I wonder if you could take a sample to the lab and get them stained to see exactly what type they are and what is the main chemical on the film they are using as food to live. Very interesting.

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Interesting indeed, especially the first photo! Has a magical quality to it. But I agree with @kiri-girl, maybe there's a scientific explanation for it!

  3. lonur
    lonur ·

    Analogue photography alive and thriving indeed.

  4. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    They look fantastic. I guess it must be due to bad storage or something. I would love for this to happen.

  5. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    I just got a bundle of precisa 200 from ebay as well and when i loaded the first of these films in my camera i already saw dots on the unexposed film. I am more than curious what will come out after development! :D

  6. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @lalouve Yes, the 200 always got them, I think. Same btw with the RSX 200

  7. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    Marvellous @wil6ka :)
    So i have plenty of these dotty films now. I am blessed!
    Btw do you remember if you overexposed the film or pushed it due to its age?!
    Mine are expired 2002 and the seller told me they were stored cool but who knows ;)

  8. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @lalouve I think I exposed them normally, but it was sunny. so you might have to push under lower light...

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