Finding the True Art and Goodness of Your Lovely City, Winnipeg

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A story about the life and arts in Winnipeg, at the heart of Canada, by a Japanese teacher. People need to know how exotic this city can be. So he will take you on a virtual exploration of the city of Arts, Winnipeg.

Since I moved to Winnipeg almost 10 years ago, I have been hearing so many people simply complain about this city, “I hate Winnipeg.” People tend to claim that there’s not much to see in Winnipeg. After all years, many people cannot find joy in this “Winter City” (it can get really cold in the winter, I mean it, REALLY COLD, like minus 40 degrees…can you imagine?), they go back to their home country, home city, or move to other cities which can be warmer, have more entertaining events, shops, or whatever you can name it.

HOWEVER! I would like to argue about that, I mean, I CAN! I know how to walk around this city!

Winnipeg is FULL of entertainment and joy of the art! It is not hard to find them, you just need to know them:)
Since I came here from Japan, I met so many nice people, who introduced me to their friends, took me to many different kinds of locations, shops, museum, historical places, etc. Whenever you visit those famous sites, you can find history and art, which people from Winnipeg have built and saved for the modern days. Art and history are great, they give us unique perspectives about where we are. Those perspectives make us think and grow, and let us do art. DO ART, well it sounds weird, I guess I could also say, they let us express our feeling by engaging with art. In my case, photography is one of the ways to express my feeling, because it is fun, and I think photography can let others know how great a city Winnipeg is by showing them photos of entertainment scenes of Winnipeg as visual aids.

This building used to be a banking company, in the near future, this building will stay the way it looks, but will be a college dormitory. It will be so cool to live there! Classic!:)

So many different nationalities are living in Winnipeg. In fact, Winnipeg, Manitoba is one of the biggest immigrant cities in Canada. Provincial government actually does support many newcomers in this province. Chinatown is not big as other cities, but people are ‘warm’, it will certainly welcome you and serve so many yummy Chinese dishes!

Yumcha is the Chinese style lunch/tea time meals. This restaurant serves authentic dimsum dishes through a cart going around tables! You will love it.:)

It is a newer restaurant/cafe in the city. They serve CREPE! SO GOOD! We usually go there for light snacks/desserts. The interiors are cute, usually many couples come here and spend a relaxing evening chatting and hanging out over great food.

My goodness, this is one of the legendary restaurants in Winnipeg! I have been here for more than 10 years now! SO GOOD! Prices are reasonable, some rice noodle dishes called Pho, is so cheap and good. Food culture in Winnipeg is very, VERY strong, and famous. We often have festivals celebrating the food culture in Winnipeg. As I remember, we’ll have a Dine-Out event next month, July 2012. The rules are simple. You pick the restaurant you want to visit, and simply order 3 course meals for only $36. The other year, I tried the $25 course meal with my friend, it was amazing! If you are lucky if you visit the town next month, you must try this!


As I had major in History from the University of Manitoba, I studied a course called “History of Winnipeg”. I learned that many buildings in downtown Winnipeg are actually designed by famous architects from all over the world. (Please do not ask me who, I already forgot the names since it has been some years since I took the course..:p) Indeed, they are incredibly beautiful. So photogenic. I often take my friends/guests from other cities/countries to the downtown area if they are visiting Winnipeg, because they at least need to feel the history of the city.:)

Again, as I mentioned earlier, people in Winnipeg are SO FRIENDLY! :D If you come to Winnipeg, I will walk around with you, show you around, and introduce my friends. You will feel at home, happy, and enjoy your visit. All other big cities surely do have many entertainment facilities, but can you enjoy them fully without good local friends? In Winnipeg, you can.:)

Do you like photography? Shoot film with us:) We will certainly welcome you, contact us anytime if you are in the area by any chance.:) Never shoot with film before? Maybe you can start today.:) I never knew how to shoot films at all before meeting my friends. Life is full of discovery and surprises! Take your chance, do not regret it, because life can only be lived once. (Well, it depends on how you look at it, but let’s not talk about that right now…:p)

So, are you interested in visiting Winnipeg? Contact us! You will have a blast, I promise. Bring your camera and films, let’s discover more of Winnipeg, I will look forward to seeing your smile when you take photos in Winnipeg.:)


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  1. exquisitenat
    exquisitenat ·

    I was born in Winnipeg, I love going back to visit. Like the pics!

  2. laughing_giraffe
    laughing_giraffe ·

    Great article! Makes me proud to be a Winnipeger! :)

  3. whynotwinnipeg
    whynotwinnipeg ·

    @laughing_giraffe Thank you:)

  4. whynotwinnipeg
    whynotwinnipeg ·

    @exquisitenat Thank you very much! Glad you found this article and enjoy my photos;))

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