Workshop Highlights: Rooftop Bar Hop


There is nothing that screams “Welcome back summer!” more than lounging in the sunshine while sipping on an ice cold beverage. We at the Gramercy Lomography Gallery Store absolutely adore this season and, as soon as the weather became lovely, thought: “let’s host a bar crawl!” We wanted to spice things up and realized that hopping from roof bar to roof bar may prove to be the ultimate summer activity.

What: Rooftop Bar Hop
When: Saturday, June 18th, 2012
Where: Hotel Metro’s Metro Grill & Local West
Camera: LC-W+, Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360 and Horizon (all to capture the wide views!)
Technique: Portrait, Architecture, Double Exposure

18 of you agreed with us! Led by Nikki, the group hopped to the first stop, the Metro Grill in Midtown. This swanky rooftop bar sits on top of the Hotel Metro, a 1920s art-deco styled hotel that celebrates America’s golden age of Hollywood. The hotel’s owner must be a big fan of classic photography because each floor is decorated with some of the most iconic imagery of that period. Hotel Metro is a beautiful place and we were all very happy to kick off the day in the penthouse roof bar.

We sipped on fancy cocktails and shot tons of photos. Everyone was armed with a different camera, snapping away at the beautiful views that surrounded us. We hung out for a long time, introducing ourselves and chatting away about all types of subjects. It was great to see everyone getting along and bonding over our favorite activity- shooting!

Our next stop was to a restaurant at 1 Penn Plaza. We didn’t know what to expect- 1 Penn Plaza is a gigantic building. Huge. Its 57 stories high! We couldn’t imagine what would be in store for us once we got all the way up!

Once we arrived at the address we realized that we wouldn’t be climbing 57 stories up, but would be right next to the giant building. We re-gathered at the top of a restaurant called Local West. It was a casual atmosphere and crowded with tons of people also trying to spend some time in the great outdoors. Local West is a cool restaurant with a great view of the surrounding area. We got a wonderful view of the James Farley Post Office, an iconic and massive building surrounded on all sides with classical columns and large connected staircases. We happily munched on nachos and continued to shoot everything that caught our eyes.

Once we had our fill of chips and beer, we headed back to the Lomography Gallery Store together. It was so much fun snapping away on our stroll back.

New York City is an amazing city for a plethora of reasons, but one of its best qualities is its beautiful architectural views. Chances are, if you stand on any elevated surface you’ll see something breathtaking. This is something that applies all over the city- from Brooklyn’s brownstone rooftops to the tops of Manhattan’s sky scrapers. We are SO happy so many people came to appreciate some gorgeous birds-eye views!

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