Depok Beach, Yogyakarta

2012-06-29 2

Depok Beach is located in the Bantul district of Yogyakarta province, where there’s a lot of interest from local tourists, but you can also find quite a few foreign tourists on this coast as well. It’s situated in Kretet district, Bantul regency, about 35 km to the south of Yogyakarta.

To get to the beach, tourists must walk for some meters until they feel their feet getting heavier compared to before. That is because Depok Beach is covered with a unique mixture of sand and soil. If you are there and you can already feel the particles of the sand-soil on your feet, the refreshing scenery of Depok Beach must be in front of you already.

Round and around with the 4WD ATV, one of the popular activities there!

Walking slowly along the shoreline and listening to the sound of the waves pounding, you can have fun on every inch of the 2 kilometer-long beach.

Or just playing with the waves until the sun goes down.

I mostly came here with my Lomo friends to have an escape from the city and have a Lomo shoot, you can visit my album with my Lomo friends here.

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    pantainya landai ya disitu?

  2. dikasapi
    dikasapi ·

    @istionojr awalnya doang landai terus miring turun

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