Taking a Chance on a Film That is Over 30 years Old

2012-06-25 3

Marching ahead with hopes that something would come out, take a look at the shots I got with a very old roll of 126 film in a Kodak Instamatic!

Years ago, I took a chance on a garage sale Kodak Instamatic, complete with flash cubes and a single roll of black and white 126 film. Not knowing if the roll, which expired in 1978, would even remotely work, I shot slowly over the past 5 years, not devoting too much time to it.

When I finished the roll last week, it was finally time to take it to the lab and cross my fingers.

While the results were not crisp and clean, the ghostly images were better than expected and now I’m hunting down another roll of the film!

What have you shot with lately that gave you unexpected results?

written by alexandrak on 2012-06-25 #lifestyle #black-and-white #analogue-photography #films #126


  1. michell
    michell ·

    I actually found a way of loading regular 135 film into an instamatic... Maybe I should write a tipster? :)

  2. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @michell: please do!

  3. yokolele
    yokolele ·

    Hi! Was wondering how did you developed the film? :)

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