Catching Up with LomoAmigo Charlie Wagers


A lomographer since 2008, Charlie Wagers is still at it, taking beautiful pictures and creating stunning graphic designs. We caught up with Charlie to see what he was up to since his 2011 interview. Read after the jump for more.

As my first magazine contribution since my LomoAmigo interview last year, I’d like to showcase some new photos I’ve taken with my Diana F+, oozing with vibes of my favorite season: Summer.

Not long ago, my girlfriend and I met my parents in Cincinnati to take a quick trip to Augusta, Kentucky. The town is on the bank of the Ohio River, and is former home to Rosemary & George Clooney. You have to take a ferry to get to this small touristy town so we took the Jenny Ann to mark my first ferry ride. Additionally, I grew up on a farm in Eastern Kentucky, so my dad and I spent several days there, taking our boat out on the Kentucky River. These small trips resulted in quite a few nautical-themed photos, even if one of the boats isn’t floating on water.

Secondly, in April, I was working at MACRoCk music festival in Virginia with my photographer friends Tim Skirven & John D. Reiss. Since we all live scattered across the US – in Ohio, Virginia & California – we decided to extend our vacation and go camping for a few days. We collaborated with the fine folks at Poler Camping Stuff to shoot an adventure for their website. Poler outfitted us with some great camping gear to use on our adventure. We loaded a cooler with 50 lbs. of beer, not knowing that we’d have to forge five bodies of water and climb a rock face on our hike. At the end, we set-up camp at the top of a massive rock wall. You can see all of our photos from Adventure 15 on Poler's website.

Keep a look out for more regular Lomography Magazine contributions from me! I plan to document more adventures, and hopefully feature other lomographer friends of mine as well. And maybe even a few of my secret tipsters along the way.

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