Shinny Portraits by Mike Morris


My work illustrates the self-representation of hockey players throughout the Greater Toronto Area . I draw inspiration from documentary photography. Much of my oeuvres involves a form of snapshot aesthetic are inspired by the people and subcultures of this city.

“Shinny Portraits”, 27×27” C-Print, 2011-2012

For this project, I visited many ice rinks throughout Toronto, and was inspired by the forms of self-representation exhibited by the shinny players I encountered, and the diversity of their backgrounds, skill levels, and dedication to the game.

“Shinny Portraits”, 27×27” C-Print, 2011-2012

I draw inspiration from August Sander, who documented the various “characters” found within the social structure of Germany in the early 20th century. Sander photographed these people within the setting of their livelihood—be it baker, solider, bricklayer, etc.—and classified them as a form of sociopolitical catalogue. It is in this manner that I shoot my subjects: en situ, and without any intervention on by behalf, aside from stopping them from their game.

“Shinny Portraits”, 27×27” C-Print, 2011-2012

I found that by approaching my subjects on location, I was able to capture them during a moment which wouldn’t normally have been photographed, and thus created an accurate portrayal of their current “self”. I was also able to capture them when they were exhausted and worn out, and this physical state is visible in their red faces and tired eyes.

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