Lost and Found: My Mom's 110 Memories


You really never know what awesome stuff you may come across while turning your house upside-down for some spring cleaning. Let me share with you some of my recent analogue finds from some weeks ago after I gave my mom a hand in clearing the house of some dusty, old stuff.

Let me start with a confession: If there’s anything I obviously inherited from my mom, it’s her hoarding tendencies (you can ask my workmates about it!). But fortunately, I have this quirky habit of hers to be thankful for—because of it, she has kept many interesting stuff from the past two decades, such as letters, postcards from my dad, and of course, film cameras and negatives.

However, all the film cameras I have unearthed need to be repaired, except for one I found a couple of weeks ago: a Minolta Pocket Autopak 450E. It was my mom’s first camera bought sometime in the 80s, and I believe it’s older than me by several years.

I checked if it’s still in good condition, as I remember I used to pretend it was a toy gun in my childhood days, blinding everyone with the flash until my mom finally snatches it away from me to take out the battery. After careful inspection, I found out that it’s a fully mechanical camera that only needs battery for the flash. Sweet.

So, with the release of Lomography’s very own 110 film, the Lomography Orca 110 B&W film, I was naturally ecstatic about trying it out. Well, if I can get my hands on the film, I suppose.

But, the surprise didn’t end there. Hiding among my mom’s bags of letters, greeting cards, and postcards, were some 110 film negatives, most likely shot using the Minolta camera. I figured that the photos were taken in the late 1980s, as I saw some familiar photographs—me as a baby, held by my mom and uncle!

I’m sharing with everyone the rest of the photos I scanned from a few of the negatives I found:

My mom and one of my aunts; maybe it was my uncle who took her photos.
Snaps from a trip to Baguio, the so-called “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”

Now is the time to dig your attics and garages for 110 cameras in hiding, don’t you think? If you happen to come across one or two of these compact shooters, why don’t you share your stories with us as well?

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