Lomo Blackpool Bonanza!

2012-07-04 1

This month, us northern lomo lovers again set off to see old friends and tried to entice some new folk to the meets. Our kneehigh85 AKA Claire, famous around the Leeds area for being vertically challenged, was at the helm of this adventure as chief organiser!

Once again Claire picked a day with the best weather for a Lomographic walking tour. Blackpool didn’t let us down and the day started with a drizzle and winds and later progressed into a torrential downpour! This meant that we were FORCED to go to the pub for a drink! Luckily for us the day cleared and we all managed to get a few decent shots.

We had a couple of issues in the arcade as Adam seemed to become addicted to winning tokens and we had to contact his wife to tell her they may not have the money to cover the mortgage this month.

As the weather had cleared, we decided to go for a walk on the front. Lou hadn’t managed to finish all her doughnuts so we thought they could be used to lure passing seagulls down for shots. At first they didn’t seem to want to get involved. After some mating calls from various group members, we were suddenly surrounded by birds!

Getting rid of them after all the doughnuts had gone was the trickiest part but we all managed to escape getting pooed on. Well, all except for Adam whose LC-A got the poop treatment. I told him this was lucky and all his pictures from now on would be amazing!

I have been known in the past to say I will only go to Blackpool if someone pays me, due to its large amounts of hen and stag dos. Going back with the gang made me see it in a completely different light. Suddenly all the really trashy parts became colourful and interesting. Most of the folks out and about seemed happy enough to be photographed too.

A big well done to our kneehigh85 for being chief organiser of this meet!

To the new people I met that day, good to see you and hopefully we’ll meet again next time!

Check the below Lomohomes to see some of the other gang members’ shots from our day!


written by jennysparkle on 2012-07-04 #lifestyle

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