Basking at the Beach, a Summer Trip to Brighton

2012-06-27 1

So I went down to Brighton recently to see my lovely friends and also attend a gig by one of my favourite bands Patrick Watson!

It’s always struck me that Brighton has its own kind of micro climate. I set off from a gloomy Manchester and arrived in Brighton to a rather acceptable partial sunshine. I decided that the best way to settle myself in to the short trip would be to start with a Mojito in one of the bars along the beach. Followed naturally by some Pimms and lemonade!

I love the architecture in Brighton, obviously it would be hard to not talk about the Brighton Pavilion, which was built in 1787 as a seaside retreat for George the Prince of Wales. There were lots of people milling around the building and it was nice to see how much the surrounding gardens are used.

This was my second visit to Brighton and I’ve got to say I’m hoping to spend a lot more time there. It was so nice to get away from the city and spend some time at the seaside. I met a couple who were eating ice cream and holding hands walking down the pier. You can’t really ask for much more than that.

The few days I spent in Brighton really made me imagine myself with a new life by the sea. It looks like a great way to live. The shops and bars were all busy and I like the way they have a cultural corner with a number of small gallery shops huddled together. The residents in Brighton seem to all have the same idea and the sea will always draw people in to gaze upon it and question their place in the world, or maybe even just relax.

I decided to shoot some Tungsten film on this trip and was quite surprised with the result. I was expecting purple tones and think these have ended up looking a little more like Redscale. That could be something to do with the developers and their tendency to auto correct our colours!

So all in all I would definitely recommend a trip to Brighton if you haven’t been there. It’s a fantastic place with amazing places to eat, great bars, and of course, the beach!

Enjoy your summer Lomo beauties!

Big love xxx

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  1. gordie
    gordie ·

    Great!! Its always great to hear Brighton get a good review

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