The Diana World Tour is coming to Austin, Texas!

You are cordially invited to attend the Opening Party of the Diana World Tour at the Lomography Gallery Store Austin! Catch a glimpse of the world-famous Detrich Collection featuring over 100 vintage Diana F+ cameras, feast your eyes on the Vignettes from Deep in the Heart of Texas photo exhibition, and be blown away by the custom Diana clones as created by Austin’s finest!

What: Diana World Tour Opening Party!

When: Thursday, July 19, 2012; 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Where: Lomography Gallery Store Austin
912 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701
T: (512) 499.8002

Live entertainment c/o the all analogue Austin Phonograph Company, fizzy refreshments c/o ID Soda, hand-made local ice cream sandwiches from Cow-Tipping Creamery, and an open bar beer tasting c/o Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery! Free gifts, and delectable snacks await as well, culminating in a night sure to satisfy all your senses and truly kick off the month-long celebration of all things Diana with a bang!

So, just who are we referring to when we say, “Austin’s finest”? Take a look!


Matthew John Winters
Cherrywood, Austin, Texas
Raised in St.Louis, grew up in Chicago, and became a man in Austin.
“Teetering with metaphor, iconically depicted, and touching subjects of mass consumption, complex designography, the stupid, and the sublime. It was at this point that we basically told ya’ll to buy his work because he is dedicated and you would be happy with the investment." – art writer J. Haley

Barbara Lugge
Brentwood, Austin, Texas
The Sahara Diana reminded me of a crumbling book on my shelf, “The nocturnal magic of the Pyramids”— a souvenir of the 1961 Son et Lumière, staged at night on the banks of the Nile. In this production, the actors are the Sphinx and Giza pyramids. The book describes 70 “lighting tableaux” that accompanied the script. I made paper replicas of the pyramids and photographed them with my Diana camera, flash, and color gels. My clone has a photo-safari tool-belt to provide easy access to the color gels, and a flash attachment that holds three, interchangeable color gels at once, for multicolor shots.

VIDKIDZ: Zak Loyd and Melanie Clemmons
East Side, Austin, Texas
The VIDKIDZ died in Y2K and were reborn after 9/11. Melz found Zak near the lazer waters where they would soon build their light house in the rainbow crystal caves near by. Zak presented Melz with a grid diamond whose dither spirit told them to share their realities with the earth people and animal friends. When they first fired up the love light blaster, lord Kid Vid from the BK kidz club appeared to them and blessed their beams. VIDKIDZ travels around the friendly face cults of Austin towne and trades video experiences for sound and brain creds.

Missions: Josh Mills
East Side, Austin, Texas
Josh Mills is an avid sci-fi enthusiast/conspiracy theorist who makes electronic music under the moniker Missions. Josh will always choose analog over digital given the choice in any realm of creativity, so working with a real camera like the Diana+F was uniquely special for him. His piece “Moon Mall Photo” is a tribute to small scale model makers that were once hired for the special effects in the science fiction films of the 70s and 80s but have since been replaced by the less-realistic aesthetic of digital software.

Ben Aqua
South East, Austin, Texas
Ben Aqua is an artist and musician based in Austin, Texas. Born in 1981 in Brooklyn, New York, his visual work has been exhibited internationally and published in NYLON, SPIN, NME, Flaunt, OUT, ARKITIP, XLR8R, Beautiful/Decay, and Fecal Face. He has performed and DJ’d music around the world and is the head chief of the record label #FEELINGS.

Sanctuary Printshop: Jed Taylor
South Congress, Austin, Texas
In 2005, Taylor started Sanctuary Printshop. What began as a t-shirt screen printing shop seven years ago has now grown in to a design-build studio with clients and branding ranging from Austin small businesses to international corporations. On any given day, the small and gifted staff at Sanctuary is designing t-shirts, printing business cards, building the custom interior for your neighborhood bar and designing the brand identity of local Austin businesses. In short, Sanctuary is in the business of making things look cool.

Jason Archer
Travis Heights, Austin, Texas
Jason Archer is an American visual artist. He studied Art Direction at the University of Texas at Austin and worked as an Animator on the feature film Waking Life. He directed music videos for David Byrne, White Denim and Juanes. Awards include an MTV Video of the Year Award, and the Latin Grammy Award for Best Music Video for Molotov’s Frijolero. Jason is a published illustrator with the Austin American Statesman, teaches with the School of Art and Design at Texas State University, and produces Frank Public Art, a rotating mural project in downtown Austin, TX.

Ink Tank Collective
Citywide, Austin, Texas
Ink Tank is an evolving artist collective with the expressed purpose of executing creative ideas in all media. Through collaboration and experimentation, the flux of members in the collective creates a space for projects that compliment each other’s abilities and motivations. The individual parts discover a whole within the unity of sharing ideas and offering support. Ink Tank is also very serious about having fun.

Bob Wade
Mt. Bonnell, Austin, Texas
Bob Wade resides and was born in Austin, Texas in 1943. He received a BFA from the University of Texas, Austin, and a M.A. from the University of California, Berkeley. As a university art professor Bob was also a recipient of three NEA grants and included in biennials in Paris, France; New Orleans, LA; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY. Collections include, Chase Manhattan Bank, AT & T, The Menil Collection, and the Austin Museum of Art.

Holly/East, Austin, Texas
Boozefox is the Austin based collaboration of Mike Phalan, Jules Buck Jones, Scott Eastwood and Drew Liverman. Boozefox was formed in 2007 in Austin, TX and primarily makes large scale, multimedia installations.

Prints from the Vignettes from Deep in the Heart of Texas exhibition will be on auction to benefit a local charity of the artist’s choosing! Do your part to support a non-profit in your back yard, and build your own private art collection to-boot! Details on benefiting charities HERE

All in the Golden Afternoon: Rachel Staggs and Carlos Jackson
Windsor Park, Austin, Texas
Texas psychedelic project All in the Golden Afternoon has been stretching the boundaries of drone pop for over half a decade. Rachel Staggs brings her experience with Experimental Aircraft and Monster Movie (ex-Slowdive) to establish layers of melodic noise and heartfelt purrs while Carlos Jackson creates a backwards dimension of translucent auditory upheaval. The couple fuse these individual visions to construct their signature hallucinatory sound. Rachel has been an avid Lomographer for 15 years and Carlos began his Lomo journey in April 2012.

Tiffany Diane Tso
East Side, Austin, Texas
23. Female. 5’ 4". Born and raised in Texas. Multimedia journalist. Art lover. Takes photos of life for fun. She enjoys eating tacos and pizza on a regular basis. In her spare time, she goes out with her friends and watches people play music. Great films, funny television, Taco Bell, disposable cameras, queso and Marilyn Manson are a few other obsessions.

Danny A. Yirgou
Downtown, Austin, Texas
Photographer, Video Director. This is my first foray into the Lomography world. I usually work with 35mm and medium format for my shoots, and I thrive on experimenting with different cameras and strange concepts. In my work, I tend to focus on personality, light, and surreal blends of nature in our modern day world. I love The Diana F+ because it takes no thought— it’s all an experiment, and it’s always fun. It’ll be in my back pocket for a long time to come.

Marshall Foster
Southwest, Austin, Texas
1. I live in Austin
2. I have an Identical Twin (I’m growing him for parts but he doesn’t know).
3. I work as a Tour Manager.
4. I’m addicted to Pho.
5. Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.
6. I always feel sad for seedless watermelons, because what if they wanted babies?
7. I’m probably the best meat eater in the world.
8. I think the meaning of life is happiness…which can always be found through the lens of a camera.

The Octopus Project: Toto, Yvonne, Ryan & Josh
Bouldin Creek, Austin, Texas
Since their founding in 1999, Austin TX’s The Octopus Project has pursued sights and sounds that explode the senses and stretch the imagination. Beginning as an experiment in gathering all their varied interests (electronic sounds, unfamiliar instruments, face-melting rock’n’roll, etc.) into one endeavor, the band has developed into a formidable live force and produced four increasingly intense and inventive studio albums. They’ve become internationally known both for their performances and for a visual aesthetic that has seen stages from Lollapalooza to Coachella littered with eye-popping color, illuminated ghosts and balloon launches or high school marching bands, depending on the show.

Allison V. Smith
Dallas, Texas
Allison V. Smith worked as a photojournalist for 7 newspapers over 15 years after graduating from SMU with a degree in journalism. In 2004, Allison left her staff photography position at the Dallas Morning News to pursue freelance photography for editorial and commercial clients and fine art photography. Allison’s clients include: Texas Monthly, The New York Times, Garden & Gun Magazine and Pentagram. Her personal projects include exploring the landscape and personality of Marfa, Texas and Rockport, Maine. Allison is in the permanent collection at the Dallas Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. She is represented by the Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas.

Legge, Lewis, Legge
Austin, Texas
Legge Lewis Legge, (LLL) is a public art and architecture studio based in New York and Texas, operated by architect Murray Legge AIA and filmmaker Deborah Eve Lewis, both in Austin, and artist Andrea Legge in New York City. Since 2001, LLL has produced a wide range of award-winning projects in the USA and Canada, including the interactive spectacle ‘Cup City’ which won a National AIA Award in 2009. Most recently, LLL’s project ‘Loop’, commissioned this year for Austin Museum of Art’s “Art on the Green”, won a 2012 Austin Critics Table Award.

Analogue Enthusiasts from the Harry Ransom Center
The University of Texas Campus, Austin, Texas
Surrounded by great works of art and literature, we channeled the creative energy of the Harry Ransom Center, a humanities research library and museum, into photos for the Diana+ World Tour.

Kristen Wrzesniewski
“I grew up in a small town in South Texas and had absolutely nothing to do during the summer time. I remember begging my dad for a digital camera until I finally got it..and that’s when my addiction began. My best friend and I would experiment all day and night with that little crappy camera. I learned how to do multiple & long exposures and started becoming familiar with photoshop. That was ten years ago and I still enjoy photography as much as I did back then. I have a lot of fun taking photos and I learn something new every time I shoot.”

The Diana World Tour will be on display through Tuesday, September 4, 2012, along with a month’s worth of Diana-centric workshops! Check out the complete list of Diana World Tour Workshops and Events HERE, and get details on our closing night Live Auction HERE!

Store Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 7 pm
Friday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday: Closed

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