Spotted: Lots of Love for Fisheye Baby 110!


Since its big launch last week, we’ve been reading a lot of good words about Lomography’s very first 110 format camera, the Fisheye Baby 110! Check out what gadget blogs and tech sites like T3, Gizmodo, CNET, and Jaunted have to say about our little guy!

Fisheye Baby 110 photos via jaunted

From *Jaunted*

The Fisheye Baby 110 shoots fisheye-effect photos, best for getting all up in someone’s face. Imagine how it looks to peer through a door peephole; it’s kinda like that. Some iPhone photo apps attempt to mimic the effect, but this is the real deal (and it’ll give you real, tangible prints after developing). Maybe we’re just romantics about all this travel photography stuff, but we also like to think of Lomo cameras as conversation starters to make that first connection so hard to make with photo subjects. Try asking a stranger to pose for your DSLR and there’s a weird “What for?” feeling. Show them a cute plastic camera however, and the suspicion is replaced with curiosity.

Fisheye Baby 110 photos via pocketlint

From *Pocket-Lint*

We were expecting small, but when we first cast eyes on the Fisheye Baby 110, we were still startled by it’s quaintness. This is a camera that could quite feasibly fit in your pocket without any distress. It reminded us of something you might find in a Christmas cracker. With its full fisheye plastic lens, your snaps will have a bubble retro look that certainly makes them standout from your usual photographs.

Fisheye Baby 110 photos via T3

From *T3*

The Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 looks like a cheap, fun snapper. It’s a good option if you want an affordable analogue cam to take to a festival or on a night out.

Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Unboxing via YouTube

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Fisheye Baby 110

The Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Cameras are fully working miniature versions of the Fisheye No. 2 designed especially to fit 110 film. They capture the world in full circle and enable you to produce perfect Fisheye pictures. The Fisheye Baby 110s come with a bulb mode and are able to capture multiple exposures too. Load them with 110 film and dive into the long forgotten world of 110 photography! Head to the 110 Camera Microsite for more information.

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